From India to Michelangelo's David

My name is Harsh Jain, I'm from New Delhi but I'm currently living in Milan. I have been sketching Indian forms and expressions for a long time now, however, I felt it was time to get new feelings and ideas from the Italian localè. I have always been fascinated by European culture, architecture, and cinema; so it was a dream to come to Italy and it finally came true in 2018. I wanted to feel the local streets to get inspired and reflect my passion on paper, as art and beauty can be found in almost every corner. However, there was something that caught my attention in a very particular way: Michelangelo's David, one of the most popular sculptures of all time. When I look at this artwork I see perfection in the form of a great piece of anatomy with unique cuts and curves. I had previously read a lot about its history, so I decided to draw it and understand it better.